Roland Brown | Partner

Since Roland was a young child, he always remembers standing up for the underdog. Whether it was protecting other children from bullies or speaking to teachers on behalf of a classroom, he was always a leader whose advocacy lead to positive results. 

After graduating from college with a degree in Finance he pursued a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. It was during the pursuit of his Master’s degree that Roland decided that he wanted to perfect his negotiation and litigation skills by earning a law degree and becoming a licensed attorney. After completing his law degree, he also earned an L.L.M. in taxation.

Prior to starting The Law Office of Roland Brown, his professional portfolio included working at a law firm focusing on corporate law and complex tax litigation. In addition to his corporate background, Roland also has experience with employment law and has a large knowledge base with Employee Retired Income Security Act (ERISA).

As an attorney, the skills and techniques learned from repetition and practice are far less valuable than the ability to create and innovate.

Roland is an accomplished litigator and a battle tested, well respected trial attorney. His comfort in the courtroom combined with his business background attributes to his ability to get the job done.   Whether it’s defending a corporation in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit or representing an individual accused of a serious crime, he is a proven winner that never settles for the status quo.  He is just as comfortable standing up against the “Goliath” hospital in a complex medical malpractice case as he is representing a small business owner in a breach of contract lawsuit. His diverse background covers a wide range of litigation that undoubtedly benefits his clients. He is always ready to put the gloves on to fight for his clients. 

The Law Office of Roland Brown



Innovation and complacency can not exist in the same space. Bringing innovation into the traditional practice of law gives our firm a major advantage. Innovation coupled with passion wins cases.

While Tamara was a law student, she provided over 500 hours of legal representation to low income residents of the District of Columbia with cases ranging from divorces to administrative housing hearings. She has worked on Capitol Hill in the Office of Representative Elijah Cummings and is a strong advocate for Baltimore City. She is well versed with personal injury cases to include medical malpractice and has an interest in employment discrimination.

Tamara joins the practice with many years of corporate experience supporting large scale Federal contracts and is a veteran of the United States Army. She has a B.S. Degree in Management Information Systems. Tamara earned a J.D. from the University of the District of Columbia, David A Clarke School of Law where she was awarded the Edgar Cahn Community Service Award and a Dean's Cup for her activism. She is passionate about social justice and has a natural presence in the courtroom. 

Of Counsel

The law is a tool that can either be used for justice or inequity. I want to use the law as a tool to ensure that there is justice over inequity.

The biggest motivation behind Symone’s academic and professional endeavors has always been her love for public service and helping others. Symone decided to attend law school to be trained as an advocate for members of underserved communities, after graduating Magna Cum Laude from California State University, Northridge in 2013 with a B.S. in Business Administration and a B.S. in Business Marketing. Symone graduated Cum Laude from the University of the District of Columbia's David A. Clarke School of Law where she was a Dean's Fellow. 

In her tenure at UDC Law, Symone has served in a number of leadership positions and has completed over 700 hours of community service in the school’s Community Development clinic and Government Accountability clinic. Additionally, Symone comes to the firm from the public sector, where she has interned with government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Department of Labor, the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Symone is passionate about labor and employment law, personal injury and estate planning.


Passion is an essential element in anything that you do. An attorney without passion is worthless.

Fueled by his passion for youth advocacy, Armani set his sights on pursuing a career in the legal field at a very young age. While serving as a Page for the Maryland General Assembly, his interest in the law peaked and was further strengthened when he participated in a pre-law program offered by the Charles Crane Family Foundation. 

He is a proud graduate of Coppin Academy High School where he graduated  in the top of his class. He currently attends Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia on a partial academic scholarship where he is a  Business Administration major with a Marketing Concentration and minor in Sales. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree he plans to attend law school and focus on criminal defense as well as transactional and regulatory representation.